The Best Way to Get Noticed by a Headhunter & Executive Search Firms 2022

It’s 2022. Are you still searching for jobs on your own? It’s time to get the attention of headhunters and executive search firms. In this article, we will discover ways how job search can be made so much more efficient and effective with headhunters. Get them to initiate and send you job scopes instead!

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What is the difference between Singapore Work Permit and Employment Pass?

Although employment pass and work permit are considered the same, in reality, they are actually two different visas, in this blog we will explore the difference and what sets them apart.

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Why You Should Work with a Recruitment Agency to Hire the Right Employees

Although you have a HR department, there are great reasons why engaging a recruitment agency can help to employ the right type of people. Let’s explore ideal ways to build a productive team of employees for your company with a recruitment agency!

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