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The Supreme HR Advisory Pte. Ltd. has been providing an efficient, effective and enjoyable staffing experience to job-seekers and employers since 2014. We know that a resume is important, but it’s also just a piece of paper. Our job as consultants is to understand the needs of the employers and job seekers to help bring together the perfect match in expertise, skill and personality. We specialize in the following industries : 

Award-Winning Recruitment Services

 We are proud to announce that The Supreme HR Advisory has been featured by Smartsinga.com as one of the top recruitment agencies in Singapore. Being recognized by Smartsinga.com underscores our dedication to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of both our clients and candidates. Trust us to continue leading the way in innovative, efficient, and effective recruitment solutions. 

Fintech Recruitment Services

Singapore is the location of several noteworthy FinTech firms that have far-reaching ventures across the globe. The quick adoption of digitalisation has prompted an ascent in the launch of recent FinTech plans that has impacted the requirements of customers. As the financial sector races to introduce digital solutions to satisfy consumers, competition between the banking sector and startups to secure the same amount of FinTech specialists has taken the talent war to a whole new level. This challenge is further compounded due to our academic institutions not being adequately armed to turn out sufficient students skilled in financial expertise as well as the technical know-how. The shortage of talent in FinTech recruitment is becoming a major concern. Recruiting, managing, and keeping hold of personnel from the Financial Technology (FinTech) sector could be unfamiliar for many companies that are now entering this industry. Some recruitment directors are having difficulty selecting the right personnel, as they are not used to technical terminology such as programming languages, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning. It’s also tough for them to keep employees since tech giants offer higher pay.

Hospitality Recruitment Services

The travel and hospitality sector is being completely transformed by the digital revolution. Companies are using social media, AI, and VR to make meaningful interactions and experiences with tech-savvy customers. The trend of ‘travel tech’ is particularly on the rise with both entrenched hospitality players and online agencies investing in many of these firms. Financially, search and booking services tend to perform well, as do businesses that offer tourist activities. There is an increasing demand for travel and tourism skilled staff and leadership in Asia Pacific, leading to a need for ability to drive transformation in the industry.

Blockchain Recruitment Services

Blockchain, known for aiding the development of digital currencies such as bitcoin, has significantly impacted the FinTech sector in a number of ways. It has enabled the digitization of financial processes to offer greater protection, performance, and transparent management, as well as the establishment of secure and encompassing commercial networks. Evidently, blockchain has stirred up the FinTech world becoming one of its main disruptors, leading to the emergence of numerous prospects in the realm. Our blockchain recruiters are up to date with the technology, enabling them to spot the right opportunities rapidly.

Digital Marketing Recruitment Services

It is essential to your organisation’s success to utilise digital marketing in order to connect to customers, expand its reach, and increase sales. The internet has provided corporations the opportunity to connect to customers worldwide and build their brands. Recruiting experienced digital marketers for positions in Singapore can be greatly advantageous to your bottom line. Digital marketing is an expansive area which is comprised of various online connection approaches, and Supreme HR’s expert recruitment staff can help you to locate the perfect fit for your organisation. If you have digital marketers on your team, your campaigns can be accurately targeted, and unique messages can be crafted for your customers. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the digital marketing industry, and we partner with our clients to discover the best candidates in Singapore. We are equipped with the capability to create captivating website content, construct engaging social media content, create ambitious video material, and compose compelling blogs and feature articles.

Engineering recruitment services

Supreme HR is the recruitment agency of choice for companies searching for quality candidates to place qualified professionals in engineering and manufacturing roles. We specialise in knowing the hard and soft skills required of candidates to be successful in roles in mechanical, electrical, civil, structural and chemical engineering and end-to-end manufacturing. Due to our vast expertise, businesses come to us looking for permanent, temporary, and contractual chances in engineering and manufacturing in Singapore. Our insight into the competencies necessary to occupy places in these sectors is highly specialised.

F&B recruitment services

Supreme HRis a single-stop Human Resources provider for Singapore with a proven track record of success. We are committed to ensuring our clients receive only the best quality service and recruiting, from sourcing candidates for job roles from entry to mid-management level, to providing personalised consultation in order to better understand and meet the needs of our clients. We strive to minimise the amount of time and inconvenience required, while delivering top-tier personnel information and solutions to our clients. Our services are designed to help provide your business with reliable Food and Beverage jobs in Singapore.

Healthcare Recruitment Services

The healthcare industry in Singapore is going through a transformation, so Supreme HR, an established recruitment agency in Singapore, is ready to assist companies who are looking for the right professionals. We have extensive networks and market insights that allow us to match people up with positions across all areas of healthcare, including pharmaceuticals and research and development. We have decades of experience in the area so we know exactly how to find the candidates that meet the requirements for every kind of role. Our recruiters are highly knowledgeable of what the healthcare field needs when considering a job placement, from beginners to senior level candidates. Our expertise in healthcare is beneficial to companies of all sizes, from newly formed to well-established firms. We understand the intricacies of healthcare roles and are able to properly assess the precise needs of any organisation.

IT Recruitment Services

Supreme HR has the ability to find qualified individuals to fill IT positions in Singapore. We have a vast network of IT experts, experienced in many areas such as IT management, software development, information protection, database administration, data storage, e-commerce, and engineering. Our IT recruitment specialists are equipped to fill any necessary roles within these fields.

Logistics Recruitment Services

Supreme HR has a track record of supplying quality acquisition, keyman, and temporary staffing services for logistics and procurement firms in the Asia-Pacific area, which comprises Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Singapore hosts some of the most expansive logistics firms in the world that work in a diverse array of fields. Our recruiting and agency staffing solutions for the logistics sector cover IT, software building, and system administration. We bring a successful track record of delivering value-added services as well as executive recruiting to logistics firms. At Supreme HR, we have a thorough comprehension of the logistics industry’s necessities, such as transportation management system, shipment tracking systems, revamping IT systems and processes, restoring websites, data analytics, adoption of mobile applications, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, and more. Our advisors are skilful and informed in the particular requirements of the logistics industry. We take an agile methodology to enrolment and executive quest for talent with know-how in a multitude of regions, with IT staffing, contractual staffing, and manpower growth among them.

Manufacturing Recruitment Services

The manufacturing sector has been strongly affected by the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. One of the most significant results of this crisis is the unprecedented surge in joblessness in some nations. Nevertheless, employers in Singapore will still encounter a lack of available talent due to a persistent disconnect between the abilities and skills sought by employers and what is existing in the job market. Additionally, there is a ‘blue-collar drought’ in the job market. Considering that job responsibilities are constantly evolving and becoming more complex, fewer people are now deciding to take up education and professions in the sectors of technology, engineering and manufacturing.

Tech Recruitment Services

The tech recruitment business is endlessly evolving. In the era of social media and digital job applications, developing a strong game plan is critical to separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to potential candidates. A significant amount of the responsibilities of a Technical Recruiter is focused on ascertaining the best ways to connect with the highest quality tech expertise. When it comes to the function of a Technical Recruiter, the primary focus is on conducting interviews and evaluating the appropriate contenders to later pass on to the decision-maker of the hiring process. Conflict handling, persuasion, and tenacity are all necessary traits to be successful in this role. Their ultimate goal is to identify the top contenders who deserve to be presented to the client.

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