Employer of Record Services in Singapore

Employer Of Record (EOR) are perfect for:
• Foreign companies aiming to enter the Singapore market who want to hire local staff to explore the market before establishing a new company in Singapore.
• Businesses looking to employ staff for short-term projects
• Companies in the process of closing down a Singapore entity but wanting to keep their local employees.
• Organizations experiencing a hiring freeze in their Singapore operations.

Employer of Record Services in Singapore

Agility and compliance are critical in Singapore’s dynamic corporate environment. Employer of Record (EOR) services from Supreme HR Advisory enable companies to grow their workforces in Singapore without having to worry about the complicated legal and regulatory requirements. We manage all employment duties as the official employer, freeing you up to concentrate on expanding your company.

Why Take Up Employer of Record Services?

It can be difficult to navigate the complex labyrinth of payroll, HR, and employment legislation, particularly for companies wishing to grow into or into Singapore. Our EOR services provide a smooth resolution through:

  • Facilitating Market Testing: Our EOR service allows you to test the Singapore market with minimal risk, offering a flexible and low-commitment way to evaluate business opportunities without the full-scale setup of operations.
  • Ensuring Compliance: Avoid the headaches of constant monitoring and legal research by staying up to date on local labor laws, employment standards, and tax requirements.
  • Accelerating Market Entry: Save time and money by swiftly integrating new hires or expanding into new markets without first establishing a legal organization in Singapore.
  • Reducing Risk: Since we assume the duty of being a legitimate employer, we reduce the financial and legal risks connected with direct employment.
  • Streamlining Operations: Free up your internal staff to concentrate more on strategic duties by relieving them of the burden of managing payroll, benefits, and human resources.

How Can we Help ?

Complete EOR services catered to the particular requirements of Singaporean enterprises are the area of expertise of Supreme HR Advisory. Among our offerings is :

  • Management of Employment Contracts: Creating and overseeing agreements in accordance with Singapore’s labor laws.
  • Payroll and Benefits Administration: Overseeing the timely and accurate processing of payroll, tax filings, CPF contributions, and benefit administration for employees.
  • HR Support: Ensuring a smooth operation and a great employee experience by providing daily HR support and advise on employment-related concerns.
  • Work Visa and Immigration Support: Helping your overseas workers apply for and renew the work permits and passes they need.
  • Onboarding and Offboarding: Managing the administrative procedures for both onboarding new hires and offboarding exiting ones in order to provide a smooth transition for all involved.

What is included in the Service ?

Our Employer of Record service in Singapore includes a comprehensive range of solutions intended to streamline your HR procedures and guarantee complete adherence to regional laws:

  • Legal Employer Representation: We manage all related legalities and obligations on behalf of your employees in Singapore as their legal employer.
  • All-inclusive Payroll Services: We handle everything, including tax compliance, obligatory contributions, and salary processing.
  • Employee Benefits Management:  Provision of health insurance, paid time off, and other mandatory benefits in compliance with Singapore’s employment regulations.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Making sure that your hiring procedures adhere to all applicable laws in Singapore, such as those pertaining to work hours, health and safety regulations, and more.
  • Custom HR Solutions: HR guidance and solutions that are specifically designed to meet your company’s objectives and the demands of your Singaporean workforce.
  • With the knowledge that your HR and legal compliance are in capable hands, you can confidently expand your staff in Singapore with the help of The Supreme HR Advisory’s smooth Employer of Record solution.
  • Simple and hassle free
  • Cost effective
  • Increase flexibility and speed of response
  • Time saving
  • Access to HR expertise that not available internally
  • Reduce risk by increasing compliance with MOM employment law

Our Specializations

The industries we specialize in including:

Delivering HR Solutions and Services with the power of a trusted partnership

The Supreme HR's consultant is customer-oriented, friendly and efficient. It has been a pleasure working with the company. In comparison with other competitors, they are more responsive and helpful. The consultant who has been assigned to manage our company's needs is very helpful with regards to candidate. She renders good services and always response to my queries promptly.
Through our recruitment process, The Supreme HR has always been professional and try their best to understand our requirements and to recommend candidates that fit into our company culture. When needed, they also give us honest feedback on the current job market conditions and the suitability of our job posting. It has been a pleasure working with The Supreme HR team and we look forward in continuing our working relationship.
Forever Young Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd
General & Wholesale Trading
Recruiter has been very prompt in service delivery and diligent. Although some areas may be new to them, they will check and revert promptly. Among the various agencies, they are the one who provided the greatest number of candidates. With time and experience and initiatives, recruiter should be able to improve over time and value add more.
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