Singapore Employment Pass & Work Permit Application Services

Work permits, employment pass applications and renewals can be complex and time-consuming, especially for those who are new to these processes. To further support our clients to overcome the barriers of hiring foreign talents, our team will help your business to plan and tract the progress of applications, prepare the proper documentation, liaise with the Ministry of Manpower, and file for appeals if necessary.

All our consultants are licensed by Ministry of Manpower. They are familiar with various types of work permits and employment passes processes and regularly keep up to date on the latest relevant regulations. You can just leave the applications part to us, and just focus on own revenue-generating activities!

Applying for work permit and employment pass in Singapore with Supreme HR Advisory

Process of Work Permit Application in Singapore

The Singapore business scene is an environment that typically involves many foreign labourers. These individuals are obliged to observe the rules established by governmental work permit policies, leading to a complicated process. This is why so many firms in Singapore turn to us at Supreme HR to assist with their foreign employee application necessities. Work permits are applicable to both skilled and inexperienced employees. Nonetheless, not all positions can be occupied by foreigners with a work authorisation as there are imposed quotas and potential fees in relation to employing an overseas worker.

Step 1: To begin the work permit application process, Supreme HR shall check any quota restrictions pertaining to the role, survey countries from which the position could be filled, and inform you of any taxes due with regards to hiring a foreign employee.

Step 2: The documentation needed for the application, such as the new employee’s passport, entry card and an educational qualification or special skill certification, must be presented before Supreme HR files the application.

Step 3: The Ministry of Manpower may require additional materials for the permit to be granted; should this occur, Supreme HR will quickly notify you of what needs to be provided.

Step 4: It typically requires no longer than two weeks for a work permit to be approved

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Recruiter has been very prompt in service delivery and diligent. Although some areas may be new to them, they will check and revert promptly. Among the various agencies, they are the one who provided the greatest number of candidates. With time and experience and initiatives, recruiter should be able to improve over time and value add more.
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