Temporary Job Placement

We’re one of the leading job consultancy companies in Singapore that provides temporary job placement services. With temporary job placement, you get an extra employee without committing to permanent employment. This can be for a one-off project, unexpected absenteeism, or a sudden increase in workload. You can avoid employing more people than you actually need while you assess your long term manpower needs.

Job consultancy in Singapore that provides temporary job placement services

Primary benefits of temporary / contract placement

Reduced Cost

By engaging a temporary staff or part timer, you only pay for the hours that the person works. You can decide the staff working hours depending on your needs.

Reduced Recruitment Costs

We take care of your daily and seasonal requirements, whether if it is one person for one day or an entire team for a project.

Elimination of Employment Related Issues

Transfer of HR and statutory compliance responsibilities to a HR specialist who understands the requirements and potential pitfalls to minimise your risk.

Benefits of Temporary Job Placement

1. Fast Hires

Temp staffs can usually commit within a few days or short notice period. This avoids long period of waiting & interviewing process while the company is in urge of workforce. Furthermore, hiring temp staff through agencies can save resources on in-house recruiting & hiring.

2. Saves Cost

Businesses normally face busy periods followed by dawdling periods. In this circumstance, using temp staff to increase personnel for demand spike cover can be more cost effective. Besides, you don’t have to encounter stress of laying off employees when workload decreases. This gives the capacity to appropriately add or reduce staff based on the business needs. No long commitment or ongoing cost.

3. Boost morale

While some employees would appreciate the overtime pay, others might
feel stressed and frustrated when company is undermanned. To boost morale, revive your existing staff from being over burdened by hiring temp staff to cover workload is a way to start. Moreover, hiring an experienced temp staff can also decrease the workload of onboarding training by the Human Resource in charge.

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The Supreme HR's consultant is customer-oriented, friendly and efficient. It has been a pleasure working with the company. In comparison with other competitors, they are more responsive and helpful. The consultant who has been assigned to manage our company's needs is very helpful with regards to candidate. She renders good services and always response to my queries promptly.
Through our recruitment process, The Supreme HR has always been professional and try their best to understand our requirements and to recommend candidates that fit into our company culture. When needed, they also give us honest feedback on the current job market conditions and the suitability of our job posting. It has been a pleasure working with The Supreme HR team and we look forward in continuing our working relationship.
Forever Young Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd
General & Wholesale Trading
Recruiter has been very prompt in service delivery and diligent. Although some areas may be new to them, they will check and revert promptly. Among the various agencies, they are the one who provided the greatest number of candidates. With time and experience and initiatives, recruiter should be able to improve over time and value add more.
Want Want Holdings Ltd
Food & Beverage/Catering/Restaurant